Leverage buyer intent data to drive demand.

We combine our comprehensive intent database and deep understanding of buyer behaviors to engage prospects that meet your ideal customer profile and are actively searching for your solutions.

Triple Threat Intent Signaling

What if you could triple the number of intent signals, while dramatically improving the quality of intent data with our proprietary AI algorithm? Could you make better decisions about your prospects’ high intent to buy, faster?

Our unique Intent-Driven Engine receives signaling data from not one, not two, but three independent intent databases. We categorize, prioritize, and assemble the data for your demand project. Looking for patterns, we use our triple intent databases to power our content marketing engine—improving the chances of converting your lead faster. It’s all about unleashing the power of Triple Threat intent data to help you beat your competition.

What is Buyer Intent Data for B2B Marketing

Data has always formed the basis of demand generation, sales, and marketing campaigns. Over time, our understanding and interpretation of intent data have evolved.

Today, marketers have learned how to analyze the information from an intent database, forever changing the way we approach demand generation.

Why buyer intent data improves marketing ROI

With buyer intent data, you have a source from which to collect insights on whether a prospect or lead is primed for conversion.

In other words, intent data signals the desire to purchase a product or service. This information is key to forming marketing campaigns with the right timing to convert leads. With INFUSE’s combined insights from three independent intent databases, you can resonate with prime-to-buy leads with greater efficiency.

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