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INFUSE Drives High-Quality Lead Generation for QAD with Targeted Content Syndication

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To build upon their success, QAD sought to expand their reach with their core, domestic audience by creating a content campaign to increase engagement and by proxy, its potential to qualify leads.

The Challenge

The Strategy

To encourage lead generation and ultimately, feed QAD’s sales pipeline, INFUSE implemented a targeted content syndication strategy. This leveraged a whole host of different assets from QAD’s existing library of resources, such as videos, whitepapers, and case studies.

In order to nurture interest, INFUSE also worked with QAD to workshop the right cadence for each lead that allowed them to consume content at a speed that suited them. By expanding the reach of the content, INFUSE was able to provide detailed insights and data to quantify the interest in each piece of content from each lead’s industry, to specific job titles.

This campaign, even as a trial campaign limited in scale, yielded impressive results that led to numerous sales opportunities for QAD and set the foundation for long-lasting relationships with qualified accounts.

Client Feedback


“It was a fantastic way of taking us from zero to a solid number of leads coming in. Not only that, but the targeting was really spot on and covered the exact job titles, variety of industries, and types of companies we were looking for.”

Gary Koltookian, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at QAD

“It’s simple. Working with INFUSE is very convenient; you know what you are getting, and most importantly, the quality is there too.”

Gary Koltookian, Marketing Manager, Demand Generation at QAD.

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