Unifi is an ambitious startup that offers a powerful suite of self-service data discovery and preparation tools for the everyday business analyst. The Unifi platform is now recognized as the tool of choice for analysts in companies like Disney, Boston Biomedical, and Nike.


Early in its growth, Unifi tapped INFUSE to help reinforce its marketing funnel with the right customers at the right time. Its top of funnel leads were sparse, and efforts made by previous marketing agencies only seemed to confound its situation. In this case study, we explore how INFUSE partnered with Unifi to promote a consistent brand message, strengthen its data quality, and fill its marketing funnel with verifiable HQLs (high-quality leads).


Like many early-stage companies, Unifi needed help both syndicating and verifying its content in order to attract quality leads. Unfortunately, Unifi’s time with previous marketing agencies was often wasted correcting data errors and patching up miscommunication with customer service. For Unifi’s marketing team, it often felt like they would take one step forward, then two steps back.

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