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Ryan Murano RevOps

Ryan Murano

Here are the trends I anticipate for 2023:

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    Emphasis on improving client experiences, both internally and externally.

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    Operationalize the entire client journey.

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    A continued focus on breaking down silos and working cross-functionally with the business.

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    Trusted ideal client profile (ICP) definitions, processes, tech, and visibility.

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    Optimization of data collection, enrichment, and accuracy.

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    A continued focus on highlighting actionable insights that drive revenue.

About the author:

Ryan Murano is a member of the senior leadership team at Instructure, leading a team of over 25 in Revenue Operations specifically over systems strategy and process optimization. She is also a huge gamer and reader, so feel free to shoot her a message if you have any recommendations.

Brandon Roopnarain RevOps

Brandon Roopnarain

About the author:

Brandon is Secfi's Sales Strategy & Operations Manager. His expertise span sales enablement, process improvement, financial modeling, and data analysis. He enjoys working with sales teams to streamline processes, unlock revenue growth, and ultimately create positive client experiences.

Briana Yarborough RevOps

Briana Yarborough

Here are the top trends I believe B2B marketers should watch out for:

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    FinOps & ProductOps becoming more closely aligned under the Revenue Operations umbrella.

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    RevOps Leaders reporting into the chief operating officer (COO), or chief executive officer (CEO) directly.

  • null

    Higher titles and more definitive career ladders, such as executive RevOps leaders with the titles of Vice President & Senior Vice President.

  • null

    Full-suite technologies that manage RevOps for SaaS businesses from start to end.

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    Greater simplicity around predictable operations supported by learnings from complex products and processes.

About the author:

Briana is a seasoned RevOps leader, co-founder of C-Model (a RevOps solution in development), and serves as an advisor and executive leader for several high-growth start-ups where she utilizes her 15+ years expertise in go to market (GTM) strategy, SaaS, Supply Chain, Revenue Operations, Strategy, General Operations, Finance, Procurement, and Business Intelligence.

Briana is an active thought leader of RevOps in multiple revenue communities and is also a champion and engaging member for a number of communities created for marginalized groups. She most recently received recognition for being one of the top 25 RevOps leaders of 2023 by Revenue.io, and has been featured in leadership articles sharing her road to RevOps story.

Cheryl Mortenson RevOps

Cheryl Mortenson

About the author:

Cheryl is a Client Success Manager and Sales Operations leader at Abricto Security with 15+ years’ experience in backup/disaster recovery, networking, information security, and critical communications technology industries. She has specialized in business analysis, administration and reporting, assisting several high/hyper-growth companies mature their processes to increase efficiency and productivity while ensuring an exceptional client experience.

Nate Rivera RevOps

Nate Rivera

About the author:

Nate is a revenue operations consultant that built his career by following the road less traveled and committing to a life of sustainable happiness and professional success. Through his unconventional approach on life, he has found success by approaching business with a holistic mentality and emphasizing the philosophies of intentional living.

Jasmine Powers RevOps

Jasmine Powers

About the author:

Jasmine Powers is the CEO of Jasmine Powers Multimedia, a full-service GTM strategy and RevOps consultancy providing content marketing, revenue operations solutions, and training for SaaS companies, digital agencies, and nonprofits. She resides in New Orleans.

Shantanu Basu RevOps

Shantanu Basu

About the author:

Shantanu Basu helps hyper-growth businesses by aligning internal and external value-chains in a way that maximizes the capture of the value being created by product or services teams.

Whether scaling a high-growth tech unicorn, transforming a 200-person organization, setting up new business development teams in China or teaching his sons to work their way through a negative-banked turn on a Karting circuit, Shantanu is most excited when he is helping solve fundamental problems and spurring on growth by capturing value.

Colin Veerkamp RevOps

Colin Veerkamp

About the author:

As a leader in Revenue Operations, Colin Veerkamp brings his experience from the back offices of securities and uses this to think creatively on how to align all business units around the client's lifecycle and the revenue cycle by designing and implementing systems across the organization through tools, automations, and best practices.

Jeff Medley RevOps

Jeff Medley

About the author:

Jeff Medley has spent the last 10 years of his career helping young technology startups navigate hyper-growth environments, acquisitions from both sides of the coin, and growing teams and tech stacks. From pre-Series A to mature, private-equity-backed organizations. Jeff has built teams from the ground up and established scalable processes for successful organizations. Jeff is currently the Head of Revenue Operations for Covered Insurance Solutions and the owner of Spoak Revenue Consulting.

Sebastien Van Heyningen RevOps

Sebastien van Heyningen

About the author:

Sebastian Van Heyninger has worked in Sales since graduating from NYU in '13. Sebastian considered this an easy transition as he had been hustling his whole life. Those skills grew and developed over tens of thousands of cold calls leading to millions of dollars in revenue generated.

Sebastian has a passion for efficiency, improving processes, and using tech to help people work smarter. He believes that all teams of people are performing activities, powered by tech, that turn uninterested buyers into qualified opportunities. To Sebastian, nothing feels better than a full sales funnel.

Ben Stroup RevOps

Ben Stroup

About the author:

Ben Stroup is Chief Growth Architect and President at Velocity Strategy Solutions, a next-generation business strategy, and management consulting firm focused on helping ambitious leaders align teams, simplify technology, eliminate friction, and drive revenue. He is a futurist, disruptor, and data champion having served organizations from $5MM to more than $500MM in revenue for more than 18 years.

Ben has written and edited dozens of books on leadership and growth and is a frequent speaker, podcaster, and guest for business and industry groups. His most recent book, Master the Pivot, was released in 2020. Ben and his wife and two boys live in the Nashville, Tennessee area.

Mohit Babu RevOps

Mohit Babu

About the author:

Mohit is the head of RevOps at Skit.ai. He was previously associated with Exfinity Venture Partners as Principal where he was responsible for the identification and closure of possible investment opportunities. Prior to this role, he was the first employee in the Strategic Initiatives Team at Regalix supporting product and market expansion.

He started his career with Finisar Corporation, Malaysia, as a Process Engineer where he was involved in project management and process excellence for engineering and manufacturing environments.

Don Raleigh RevOps

Don Raleigh III

About the author:

Don Raleigh III is the second generation at Evolve Systems and operates as the RevOps Manager for the team. Don leads his team by being a connector, collaborator, and passionate team member. By working with clients as well as partners, it is Don's role to ensure that both parties have mutual success when engaging in formal business partnerships.

Katka Manova RevOps

Katerina Manova

About the author:

Katerina Manova is currently on maternity leave, combining it with sharpening data analytics skills by learning Python and SQL. She is experienced with mostly B2B SaaS companies and start-ups in Europe and US, developing their operation teams from scratch to scale.

Jack Hargett RevOps

Jack Hargett

About the author:

Jack Hargett is the Founder of BisonRS, a Revenue Operations Recruitment company based in the UK, serving SaaS Technology companies from startups to enterprises in the UK and Europe.

Karl Evans RevOps

Karl Evans

Less Stack is More!

About the author:

Karl Evans is VP Revenue Operation for EdgePetrol. He is a business growth strategist, process automation specialist, and fractional RevOps expert, specializing in helping companies design/implement scalable business processes, and strategies that optimize both growth and profitability.

Sibil Samuel RevOps

Sibil Samuel

I believe the RevOps trend for 2023 and beyond will revolve around revolutionizing Client Experience at every touchpoint with an organization.

About the author:

Sibil Samuel is the Marketing Ops Lead at Assent and a RevOps nerd. Sibil has been in the Operations and Technology fields for over 10 years, guiding companies to develop and execute tech stacks and processes that will support their GTM strategy and growth.

Mark Kelly RevOps

Mark Kelly

Here are my predictions for this year’s RevOps trends:

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    The consolidation of tools in the tech stack—away from best-in-class point solutions towards platform plays.

  • null

    Companies will outsource "RevOps Engineering" to specialists to help build the frameworks and processes.

  • null

    There will be an increased focus on reducing friction in the buying process in B2B.

  • null

    An even greater focus on content generation, with an emphasis on giving away much of it for free.

  • null

    The de-emphasis on SDRs for lead generation, with a greater focus on enabling the buying process.

About the author:

Mark Kelly is a strategic and visionary executive who has leveraged his unique combination of education, business experience, and marketing and sales leadership roles (from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies) to transform revenue teams into high-performing revenue generation engines.

Mark uniquely focuses on the intersection of finance, operations, technology, sales & marketing, and analytics. He is active in the business and technology communities across Kansas City, where he lives with his wife and 3 sons.

Adam Stahl RevOps

Adam Stahl

About the author:

Adam Stahl helps clients get the most out of their HubSpot investment while driving their RevOps and WebOps goals as a Digital Project Strategist at Remotish. In short, as a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner, Remotish helps make HubSpot awesome for companies that currently use or are planning on using HubSpot.

Mario Maier RevOps

Mario Maier

Below are my predictions for this year:

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    Reverse ETL (extract, transform, load): Use data (hindsights, insights, foresights) from your CDP or data warehouse (DWH) to empower your CRM and operations platform.

  • null

    Omnichannel client service: Let your client choose the platform of communication for their service requests or tickets and channel everything in one platform.

  • null

    Deal Desk Automation: Integration of strong deal desk software into your CRM to empower automation.

About the author:

Mario Maier is a self-employed CRM & RevOps consultant & trainer with a 100% focus on the HubSpot CRM platform and 12+ years of B2B practical experience. His consulting focuses on the strategic, organizational and technical introduction of marketing, sales and client service automation based on the HubSpot product landscape.

After more than a decade of experience with international start-ups and corporates, Mario has been supporting companies as a freelance consultant since July 2019 with the introduction and optimization of the NextGen CRM platform and has more than 50 HubSpot projects in the corporate and enterprise area.

Kris Hingst RevOps

Kris Hingst

About the author:

Kris Hingst is the founder and owner of Krommatic Marketing Services, which serves B2B clients in the life sciences & manufacturing industries. Kris is a seasoned incremental CMO and sales enablement expert that helps companies gain their unfair share of the market. He applies SMART marketing goals which drive his hunger and passion to help all business units succeed. He employs integrity with inbound & outbound marketing tactics along with analytical data to give businesses the right buyer-centric approach.

Nelly Nechael - Penina Shtauber

Nelly Nechaev

About the author:

Nelly Nechaev is the VP of Client Success at ScaleOps—Israel’s leading Revenue Operations Company. With extensive experience developing and managing teams and implementing processes and systems, Nelly developed sales processes for multiple SaaS companies, while building the company’s foundations internally.

At ScaleOps, she works with B2B companies of all sizes to build and optimize clients' operational foundations—looking at the full funnel—so that they can scale in the best way possible and increase revenue.

Sam Arnold RevOps

Sam Arnold

About the author:

Sam Arnold is a Strategic Account Executive at CaptivateIQ, where he advises RevOps and Finance teams on the adoption of new technologies for performance-based compensation plans. He lives in San Francisco, California.

Ana Rottaro RevOps

Ana Rottaro

About the author:

Ana Rottaro graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in economics. After interning at the US Dept. of Treasury, she decided to pursue a career where she could see the impact of change quickly—Ana found this niche in small, high-growth companies.

She is passionate about connecting the dots between lofty, ambiguous C-level goals and simplifying the work-streams of the teams needed to achieve those goals.

Wendy Lampert RevOps

Wendy Lampert

About the author:

Wendy Lampert graduated Purdue University with a BS degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Wendy has spent over 10 years servicing internal/external clients and has learned and redeveloped the processes, as well as blueprints of each company’s successes.

Her journeys have helped both broaden her horizon and appreciation for people, cultures, and methods, as well as, contributed towards her success as a collaborative leader with a deep expertise in operations, people, training, and development, along with systems and processes.

Lampert is dedicated to self-improvement, reflection, and continually challenges herself and her teams to exceed expectations.

Anastasiia Vasiutina RevOps

Anastasiia Vasiutina

About the author:

Named one of Revenue.io's Top 25 RevOps leaders for 2022, Anastasiia specializes in building up RevOps functions from the ground up. Her experience comes from businesses of all shapes and sizes—from start-ups to corporate behemoths. She is currently running the RevOps show at a UK-based recruitment tech start-up, Caroo.

Alex Freeman RevOps

Alex Freeman

Here are the trends to watch for this year:

About the author:

Alex Freeman is Head of Delivery at Ebsta, where he oversees a team providing RevOps Consultancy to a range of hypergrowth SaaS companies, and Enterprise giants. They focus heavily on transforming historical data insights into actionable steps to improve live processes, by unlocking the power of quantifiable relationship strength. He also co-hosts the most downloaded SalesOps Podcast, RevOps Demystified.

Alyssa Yap RevOps

Alyssa Yap

About the author:

Alyssa Yap is the Director & HubSpot Consultant at Gather 'n' Grow. She helps businesses align and streamline revenue teams with the right tech stack, optimize CRM (so they can actually get useful insights) and automate processes —by leveraging HubSpot as the central business engine.

Her approach to marketing is data-driven; focused on optimizing the buyer's journey and using the inbound methodology with RevOps.

Alyssa believes that marketing and sales work together like Batman and Robin—-you get the best results when both work in tandem. Her experiences in client service and sales have given her a strong understanding of client pain points to recognize the "why" behind their behavior and develop client-centric marketing strategies.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to our contributors, we have explored a wide variety of the RevOps trends
set to shape the future of the demand generation marketing industry this year.



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