Email Marketing Automation: How to Boost Your Email Marketing


What is email marketing automation?

The best uses of email automation

Content-specific nurturing

Follow-up emails

Welcome series for new sign-ups

Thank you emails

Email newsletters

Event marketing

Thought leadership posts

News posts and updates for lead generation

Re-engagement emails

Implementing email automation

List segmentation and management

Marketing and sales alignment

5 best email automation tools in 2022

1. MailChimp:

best email automation tools - MailChimp

2. ActiveCampaign:

best email automation tools - ActiveCampaign

3. Hubspot:

best email automation tools - Hubspot

4. SendinBlue:

best email automation tools - SendinBlue

5. Salesforce Pardot:

best email automation tools - Salesforce Pardot

5 ways to boost email marketing

Increase open rates

Boost CTRs

Improve subject lines.

Finesse email structures.

Make enticing offers.

Create engaging CTAs.

Focus on personalization.

Improve conversion rates

Implement automation based on behavioral triggers by using email marketing tools.

Optimize emails for mobile.

Customize content.

Grab attention with subject lines.

Segment lists carefully.

Boost list growth rates

Maximizing forwarding and sharing rates


Email marketing is just one of the many strategies to prioritize as part of an omnichannel or multichannel marketing strategy.

INFUSE works with clients to develop custom campaigns designed to reach specific target markets, even beyond the inbox. With our Deep Media Nurturing solution, we are poised to employ integrated, omnichannel nurturing that facilitates your prospect’s natural progression along the buyer journey.

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