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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation refers to the process of automating a number of recurring tasks. The aim is to process a high number of potential customers, identify those who are most likely to engage further and apply various tactics to increase their likelihood to convert. The term lead nurturing is often used interchangeably with marketing automation and is best done using a multi-channel approach. See our whitepaper entitled Best Practices for B2B Lead Generation here.

Marketing automation has emerged as a mainstream marketing activity, and companies of all sizes are taking advantage of the possibilities it opens up. Many factors drive this, with the most notable being:

One of the most paradoxical facts about automation is that it humanizes marketing, as it allows practitioners to segment and initiate a conversation with those who are most likely to become customers. That is the reason why so many marketers have found it to be extremely beneficial.

Unfortunately, many business professionals are hesitant to try marketing automation because they fear it requires a high degree of technical knowledge. The popularity of this practice has given rise a number of products, most of which are easy to use even by experts lacking coding skills. However, those interested in trying marketing automation still need to know how to structure their efforts in the most productive way.

This is where this whitepaper comes in. Its purpose is to provide anyone interested in marketing automation with foundational best practices, so they can easily get started. By using the techniques described here, marketers can achieve higher ROI.

Before launching a campaign, it’s critical to first implement the following best practices.

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