Anchor Your GTM Success with RevOps: An Approach for Driving Revenue Across Your Organization


Why focus on GTM

“These findings are indicative of an organizational imbalance in GTM strategies as pressure mounts on marketers to support sales, and prioritize their needs over top performance metrics. This is the result of a difficult economic climate that is sparking change in buyer behavior and priorities, including less time spent with sales teams. Such a challenge demands a meaningful shift in the sales approach.

Organizations must look to develop and adopt GTM models that not only allow for collaboration between core functions but also support the ability to remain agile ahead of rapidly evolving buyer needs. Success in establishing a strong foundation will be critical for achieving objectives in such an exigent marketplace.”

The rise of RevOps

The role of RevOps in GTM strategies

“Full funnel, client-centric approaches that span the entirety of the client lifecycle are crucial to encourage renewals, upsells, and cross-sells. However, activating and managing this strategy is not possible without data-driven insights and seamless interdepartmental processes. Consequently, RevOps is integral in establishing the necessary structures to support the burden of developing and maintaining a strategy that maximizes client value.”

3 strategies for setting up a successful RevOps organization

“Buyer’s journeys must not be built from a prescriptive standpoint, but instead activated across all available channels. Prospects should be empowered to navigate channels at their own pace as they see fit. Enable this free movement between channels by ensuring consistency and precision across all touchpoints.“

How to fuel your GTM motions

“At the core of enabling and maintaining growth in the face of today’s defensive buyer is providing a buyer’s journey and client lifecycle that is personalized and seamless. As subscription-based service agreements continue to dominate the market, this becomes a necessary initiative for tackling churn as buyers rapidly switch between services.”

“Nurturing should focus on keeping clients up to date on the latest developments of your solutions to empower them to drive the best outcomes. Investing in your client success function and establishing regular communication channels with clients can also help to build and maintain relationships. Not only will this demonstrate your dedication to providing value, but it also serves as a source of valuable feedback for shaping your solutions or making optimizations.”

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