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Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution

What is lead distribution?

Lead distribution refers to the process of assigning leads to different sales representatives or teams based on criteria such as geography, industry, or lead score, in order to ensure a high-quality experience. Adequate lead distribution ensures each lead is handled by the professional best suited to their unique needs and preferences, maximizing the efficiency of sales efforts and, ultimately, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

How does lead distribution work?

Lead distribution works by automating the assignment process based on predetermined rules or algorithms that aim to route each lead to the most qualified SDR or team for them. This is determined with data both on team members and leads, such as lead demographic and geographic details, as well as SDRs’ expertise, workload, and historical performance. By streamlining the lead distribution process, companies can maximize their sales efficiency and reduce response times, ultimately increasing their conversion rates and revenue.

What is the purpose of lead distribution?

Lead distribution aims to assign each lead to the SDR, marketer, or team member most attuned to that lead's preferences, in order to provide them with the most meaningful and positive experience possible. Leveraging automated lead distribution has the further benefit of helping reduce response times and streamlining the outreach process of SDRs.

Ultimately, accurate lead distribution can help companies optimize marketing and sales efforts (as well as spend) by increasing the efficiency of outreach efforts, raising the likelihood of a conversion and boosting their return on investment (ROI).