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Not all leads that marketing teams pass over to sales will convert into buyers. Most aren’t even sales-ready. In fact, only 25% of leads passed to sales are sales-qualified.

That’s why all prospects need nurturing to help them progress down the sales funnel and into a position where they’re ready to buy. And it works. Nurtured leads can generally be expected to produce a 20% increase in sales versus non-nurtured leads. To put it simply, lead nurturing helps marketers continue to educate, inform and build solid relationships with B2B leads at every stage of the buyer’s journey, answering all their questions before they make a purchase decision.

From email marketing to social listening, targeted content and timely follow-ups – the main goal of lead nurturing is to guide your leads down the sales funnel and into conversion. Yet lead nurturing has plenty of additional perks that often get overlooked.

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