Dan Freeman
Chief Revenue Officer

To say that 2020 has been a whirlwind for our economy is an understatement. However, with a new year come new possibilities and potential for a significant upward correction in revenue potential for B2B companies.

The effect of the past year on physical business will be felt far into 2021. Sales teams operating in the B2B space will not yet be able to re-establish the physical ways in which we can connect with prospective clients––such as events and conferences––but there are other avenues to start driving results from the very first day of the year.

Now is the time to demonstrate that your business is one that your clients can count on. Be proactive, rebuild trust, and seek out new opportunities. 


Follow the data

As we kick off 2021, there are signs that businesses of all sizes are increasing their revenue targets and forecasts. To find ways to connect with these growth-minded partners, use data. 

Data analysis allows for hyper-personalized marketing, messaging, and a sales approach that speaks to each client as an individual. Through this personal approach, you are guaranteed increased engagement and conversion rates––no handshakes necessary.

Businesses can also apply this analysis to make formal decisions that will benefit their client service and delivery approach, and help them to achieve maximum engagement and conversions. There are several artificial intelligence platforms out there to allow you to leverage this type of information.


Recognize changes in buyer behavior

Just like in your local grocery store, the pandemic has changed the habits of the buying process. As noted elsewhere, B2B buyers are reportedly becoming much more comfortable making purchasing decisions within an isolated environment.

Virtual buying is here to stay. Your business needs to adapt to these new norms. Now is the time to prepare communication and sales channels that enable you to connect better with clients and prospects.


Personalize experiences

In the last year, online audiences have come to expect personalized experiences. Companies need to meet this need by delivering a more personalized approach to sales, marketing, and client success. 

Content is key. Buyers will consume and interact with different content across many channels. Whether that is through watching product videos, reading blogs, or engaging with chatbots, always keep in mind that each buyer comes with an individual preference and purchase journey.

Finally, buyers will enter these purchase journeys at all stages, so your business needs to be ready and waiting. The key to this is having relevant and individualized content that informs the buyer’s journey across all channels.


Understand channel and content preference

With buyers in remote settings, sales teams need to be on the lookout for dynamic, attention-grabbing forms of communication.

Our analysis shows us that the pandemic has had a noticeable effect on content consumption. We’ve seen a significant increase in video and audio streaming data, especially on mobile.

Buyers now expect B2B organizations to provide on-demand web content that helps to inform their buying process. Whether that be webinars or short-form product content, video and audio have become a popular content preference. Prospective buyers are also now more open to customized and unique, sales-generated video content.

2020 introduced B2B business to a level of online demand that has never been seen before, with no indication that this will not continue to grow in 2021. By making a conscious effort to create content that compliments individual buyer preferences and improves the client experience, you can expect to see an increase in sales.


Aim to be a long-term strategic partner

It is more important than ever to represent your business as a trusted and strategic partner.

While, of course, you want to generate revenue, it’s important to consider the value both you and your buyers will receive from it. It’s easy to oversell, which may not seem like a negative, however, you run the risk of undermining the quality of your brand and portfolio.

Show your clients that you prioritize their satisfaction over your sales goals. This approach inspires confidence in your business and will lay the foundation for a successful future.

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