Alexander Kesler
Founder and CEO


B2B marketing is getting increasingly noisy and competitive. Because of that, established channels and tactics have become less effective, leading B2B marketers to look for new ways to better reach their audiences. In this environment, micro-targeting is quickly gaining popularity, as it significantly improves how marketers communicate with customers.

This trend is part of a larger shift in how B2B businesses are thinking about marketing. Rather than solely focusing on socio-economic interests, B2B marketers are leveraging customer insights to create and foster long-lasting relationships. This is where micro-targeting, enabled by predictive analytics, comes in. Micro-targeting allows brands to customize and personalize their marketing strategies to target potential buyers with positive results.  

Micro-targeting represents a data-driven analysis of customers’ needs and desires to create highly relevant and impactful messaging across all channels. This is especially applicable in the B2B market, as customers in this space require a higher level of trust before converting.

In fact, most customers today expect some level of personalization and customization in their online experience, even without being fully conscious of it. This white paper outlines everything B2B marketers need to know to take advantage of micro-targeting for their businesses.

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