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Content is at the heart of B2B marketing and its popularity has grown at a breakneck pace in recent years—with good reason. This powerful tactic requires only a third of a traditional marketing budget while tripling the number of leads.

Across the globe, B2B marketers employ content marketing to deliver their brand messages—by offering their audiences useful and engaging content. It’s how marketers create meaningful relationships with buyers and better increase the chances of a sale. 

Timely and high-quality content is an effective way to build customer trust. Thoughtful content production demonstrates your commitment to helping others, and also builds a reliable and authoritative brand image. In other words, your content should speak for your brand at the right time, when your buyers are interested. 

Creating and developing your content asset library is key to nurturing your brand’s relationship with an audience. Yet finding content ideas can be a daunting task for many B2B marketers.

To assist you in your content development efforts, we’ve compiled 10 best practices for finding stellar content ideas. These tactics can help you build up a solid asset library that educates and engages both leads and customers, all while landing you more sales.

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