Leveraging SEO to Boost Conversions


Understanding B2B SEO
for lead generation

Challenges of B2B SEO strategy
for lead conversion

Longer sales cycle

Narrow audience

Low search volume keywords

Need for establishing thought leadership

SEO conversion optimization
tactics for B2B

Determine your buyer persona

Perform keyword research around target audiences

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    Brainstorm seed keywords: These generic terms best describe your business niche and services to form the basis of keyword analysis. Synchronize this effort with your sales team to generate ideas, gather insights from clients, or take part in industry forums to outline the head terms. Next, strive to identify synonyms for the main phrases. This will make a list of seed keywords more varied.

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    Analyze competitors: Evaluating keywords your competitors are ranking for is a necessary step as it can inform keyword research to identify the most suitable phrases that can attract quality traffic. With the help of SEO tools, identifying the top-ranking keywords for every single competitor is a straightforward task.

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    Focus on long-tail keywords: These are long-tail variations of your primary keywords. Long search queries are particularly valuable for B2B companies. Despite having a low search volume, these specific keywords are best suited to generating higher-quality leads given their specificity. Prospects searching for long-tail phrases in the search bar are more likely to have a genuine interest in the specific term they are searching for.

    What is more, unlike popular queries, long keywords have less competition, making it easier for B2B websites to rank higher on the SERPs. The easiest way to determine long-tail keywords is by looking at the Google suggestions and related searches at the bottom of the result page.

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    Pay attention to keyword clustering and mapping: The next logical step after drawing up a list of relevant keywords is combining them based on semantic similarity and linking these keyword groups to particular pages or pieces of content on the website.

    This approach can be a great asset for SEO. Firstly, it ensures a logical site structure and matches content with user intent. Secondly, this practice prevents keyword cannibalization and helps companies monitor the performance of individual keywords.

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    Keep the buyer’s journey in mind: Embedding a keyword strategy in the sales cycle is a powerful resource to nurture leads and drive conversions.

    For instance, at the TOFU stage (top of the funnel), pay attention to keywords capable of catching the interest of prospects and addressing the pain points of your target audience. MOFU (middle of the funnel) keywords should help potential customers find valuable data about your service or product. Finally, at the BOFU (bottom of the funnel) stage, B2B buyers are closer to making a purchase, making product-specific keywords a logical choice. However, keep in mind that these leads often need further nurturing before being ready for a sales conversation.

Create content relevant to each sales stage

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    Stick to a clear content structure and strive to make information easily readable and scannable for viewers, by utilizing subheadings, bullet points, numbered lists, italicizing, and bolding.

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    Insert keywords strategically and avoid excessive use, as Google penalizes websites for keyword stuffing.

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    Include external links in the post to prove points and claims, and keep internal linking in mind to help crawlers discover and index webpages of your website and guide readers to your other content.

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    Utilize various forms of media, such as infographics, charts, images, and video, to keep your audience engaged.

Earn high-quality backlinks

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    Generating guest articles starts with reaching out to sites related to your business niche. Although writing these articles can be a time- and resource-intensive task, it offers companies an excellent opportunity to grow traffic and boost brand awareness.

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    Guest posting is particularly useful for promoting content, as it allows including backlinks to your content library. But bear in mind that text should differ from those on your website, to avoid search engines categorizing it as duplicate content. This can damage your domain authority and reputation, ultimately resulting in lower rankings.

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    Checking for broken links is another practical way to increase a website’s visibility. There is an abundance of links on the Internet leading to 404 errors simply because the web pages originally linked to are not available anymore. However, before suggesting new content to fix the broken link, make sure it fits the original context.

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