How to Tackle Buyer Scrutiny with Demand


The rise of the defensive buyer

“This forecast indicates that buyers will spend more than previously—an optimistic forecast as tech layoffs decrease. Even so, continuing buyer scrutiny sets solutions that are revenue-focused and support overall organizational objectives as a top priority. This means that the always-present pressure to prove ROI remains and will continue to be a powerful driver of B2B purchases in 2024.”

Key objections of buyers in 2024

Playbook to combat buyer scrutiny
in 2024: 5 common pain points

“Buyers who are inquisitive when it comes to AI-powered solutions wish to ensure easy integration with other technologies, as well as check that they are up to date. The already widespread prevalence of AI in the tech stack means products that integrate seamlessly with genAI gain a competitive advantage, as well as those that utilize AI to analyze outcomes at scale and fast-track data reporting.”

How to inform your demand
generation strategies with data

“Surveying your audience is crucial for gaining the most timely and relevant insights on your buyers’ concerns. By launching surveys with questions on purchase priorities, budgets, and organizational challenges, you can evaluate the most pertinent objections to address in your campaigns in 2024 and better engage your buyers.”

Key takeaways


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