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In March as unprecedented shutdown orders crystalized the gravity of the COVID-19 crisis, panic and anxiety swept the nation. No person or business was spared from having to embrace an ominously unfamiliar environment.

Realizing the wide-reaching economic impact, and inspired by seeing other companies rise up in a variety of ways to ease the pain, my team and I decided to offer our support to our B2B community by launching the 100 Free Leads program.

Our plan was simple: deliver 100 high quality leads to 100 companies, whose sales pipelines risked being depleted through no fault of their own, at absolutely zero cost or obligation. At the same time that social distancing guidelines were constraining human interactions, we resolved to help companies cultivate valuable relationships.

The program was originally planned through the end of March. However, after receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from companies across almost every vertical, and in alliance with the Federal Government’s “30 days to slow the spread,” we decided to extend the program through the end of April.

I am humbled by the hundreds of companies that reached out for help. One marketing executive for a small data management software startup called our offer to jump start their dormant lead generation campaign a “lifeline”.

As the program comes to an end, and as we welcome these companies into the INFUSE family, we will continue to think of ways we can help B2B businesses market and sell the products that fuel progress and foster economic growth.

To my team at INFUSE, thank you for your support and dedication, for the long hours, for your resilience and positivity. To see you so enthusiastically embrace this program meant the world to me—but even more so, it meant the world to the hundreds of businesses anxiously trying to find footing amidst the pandemic.

From the darkest days in March when we didn’t quite know how the new normal would impact our country, I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

I am proud to stand in solidarity with our B2B community and help restart the global economic engine.


Alexander Kesler

Founder & CEO

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