• Michelle Churchill, EMEA Director of Client Strategy
  • Maurice Quek, Director of Special Projects

Guest Speakers (Gravity Global):

  • Amanda Palmarchuk, ABM Director
  • Nikole Rose, Managing Partner
  • Libby Durbin, Marketing Strategist


While ABM marketing campaigns have gained popularity in the B2B landscape, they come with their fair share of challenges and misconceptions. Thus, the common question on many marketers’ minds is:

“How do organizations effectively drive real performance and truly activate ABM strategies?”

After leading ABM experts laid the foundation for setting up an ABM strategy for success in our first on-demand webinar of the ABM series, industry experts from Gravity Global joined members of the INFUSE team to illuminate the intricacies of driving authentic ABM performance.

The group delves into topics such as the art of launching an ABM campaign, common misconceptions linked with ABM implementation, how to foster organizational alignment for holistic ABM strategies, as well as other insightful discussions.

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