• Victoria Albert, VP of Marketing of INFUSE
  • Mark Kilens, CMO of Airmeet
  • Minami Rojas, Head of Growth of Endgame


Event marketing experienced a significant decline during the pandemic.

However, this year marks the resurgence of events and with regained popularity, their potential to boost the sales pipelines of organisations has also increased.

Given the opportunities that events represent, creating an effective event marketing strategy is essential to take full advantage of the potential of increased performance.

Dive into our latest on-demand webinar on this topic with experts: Mark Kilens, CMO of Airmeet,  Minami Rojas, Head of Growth at Endgame, and Victoria Albert, VP of Marketing at INFUSE.

Over the course of an hour the group shares valuable insights on:

  • Pre-event planning
  • Strategies and gameplans to set in place during events
  • After-event tactics to maximise performance
  • Event KPIs to focus on
  • How to leverage events to drive pipeline

A huge thank you to hosts Airmeet and Pavilion for making this event possible.

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