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Content Syndication

Content Syndication

What is content syndication?

Content syndication refers to the process of distributing content through third-party websites or platforms, linking back to the original source, in order to reach a larger audience. Both new posts and repurposed, pre-existing content are eligible for content syndication strategies.

What is the purpose of content syndication?

Content syndication not only helps expand outreach, exposing your content to broader audiences and potentially attracting new prospects and leads, but also contributes to boosting brand reputation and authority.

How does content syndication work?

By striking content syndication partnerships with other companies, a brand can publish or republish content pieces across their websites and platforms, according to the syndication partner’s protocols. Different syndication strategies exist, such as co-marketing, guest blogging, social media content syndication, among others.

Why is content syndication important?

Apart from the previously mentioned benefits of establishing brand authority and reaching broader target audiences, content syndication also contributes to building brand awareness.  Furthermore, syndication partners can offer analytics and insights on the performance of a syndicated piece. Attaining such data becomes even more important when taking into account the forecasted death of cookies, which will most likely disrupt third-party data providers’ services. Therefore, obtaining significant first-party data becomes imperative, and content syndication is a great tool for acquiring said data.