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Consideration Phase

Consideration Phase

What is the consideration phase?

The consideration phase refers to the second stage of the buyer's journey, where potential clients are actively evaluating different solutions to their problem or need. In this stage, it is crucial to furnish these prospects with information on your product or service in order to influence their decision to consider your solution and progress to the decision stage.

What is the purpose of the consideration phase?

During the consideration phase, buying committees weigh the pros and cons of the options at their disposal, in order to ensure the considered solutions are able to attend to their current needs and goals. In this phase, buyers also strive to identify the ROI and projected performance/impact of choosing said services.

How does the consideration phase work in B2B marketing?

The consideration phase must be catered to by B2B marketers via adequate lead nurturing that highlights the solution’s capabilities and advantages versus those of competitors. It is not the correct stage for a sales push; instead, be sure to offer your leads in the consideration phase materials that contain relevant information on how your products and services can contribute to the resolution of the lead’s pain points, challenges and necessities.