Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Experience (ABX)

Account-Based Experience (ABX)

What is ABX?

ABX, an acronym for Account-Based Experience, is a form of account-based marketing that strives to deliver a remarkable, personalized experience to decision makers from a priority account, drawing strategies and knowledge from UX and CX. This client-centric approach seeks to deliver meaningful experiences for target accounts as they progress through the buyer’s journey and even beyond.

What is the purpose of ABX?

ABX provides a more personalized and targeted experience for high-value accounts. By aligning sales and marketing efforts to create a unified account strategy, B2B marketers can better engage key decision-makers and influencers within an organization by tailoring their messaging and content to meet specific pain points, and therefore drive revenue growth.

How does ABX work?

Leveraging UX and CX best practices, ABX marketing offers unique insights on user behavior, preferences, gaps, and major obstacles in the buyer's journey, where prospects are likely to drop off. This enables a company to deliver priority accounts a meaningful, seamless journey through the sales funnel, focused on the client's own necessities and preferences.