RevOps: How to Organise Your Business
for Revenue Growth in 2023
By Dan Freeman,
Chief Revenue Officer


How to implement RevOps for your business in 2023

4 RevOps trends to boost revenue growth in 2023

'When faced with the challenge of driving revenue growth, the knee-jerk reaction is often to focus on expanding one’s client base. Although this is worth pursuing, high acquisition costs brought on by the longer B2B sales cycle are likely to hamper profits.

Therefore it is prudent for organisations, particularly those with a RevOps model in place, to make use of client obsession to drive sustainable revenue and growth as a result.

Essentially, client obsession is the practice of prioritising existing clients and strategies to foster loyalty and thereby greater levels of retention. Not only does this stand to reduce acquisition costs but it also helps to increase the overall client lifetime value (CLTV) of each account and maximise profits.'

The importance of structures that drive performance


Outlook 2023

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