Personalized Engagement Meets Strategic Precision

Boca Raton, FL, June 5, 2024 – INFUSE, a global leader in B2B demand generation, has announced a new partnership with Reachdesk, a pioneer in personalized corporate gifting, to unveil a comprehensive solution designed to transform how businesses engage with their clients. This partnership aims to enhance demand strategies through integrated and tailored corporate gifting, ensuring memorable client interactions and increased customer loyalty.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your B2B Demand Strategy

In an era where differentiation in a crowded marketplace is paramount, INFUSE and Reachdesk are introducing an innovative approach that enhances demand performance with the personal touch of customized corporate gifts. This strategic collaboration enables businesses to stand out, nurture leads more effectively, and convert prospects into loyal customers.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Engagement

The partnership between INFUSE and Reachdesk offers seamless integration of demand programs with personalized gifting strategies.

  • Personalization: Utilize automated workflows to incorporate personalized gifts into demand programs, creating unforgettable experiences for prospective buyers.
  • Engagement: Access integrated tracking to gain insights into how corporate gifts impact buyer behavior and program outcomes.
  • Lead nurturing: Use targeted gifts to strengthen relationships and accelerate the sales cycle.
  • Response rates: Increase response rates with timely, relevant gift deliveries that enhance brand messaging.

Benefits of an Integrated Approach

This integrated approach results in improved lead quality, greater customer loyalty, maximized ROI, and a differentiated brand presence.

  • Improved lead quality: Attract high-quality buyers by combining INFUSE’s precise targeting with Reachdesk’s personalized gifting.
  • Greater customer loyalty: Foster stronger relationships with existing customers through thoughtful gifting, enhancing loyalty, and encouraging repeat business.
  • Maximized ROI: Optimize marketing spend and achieve higher returns through effective engagement strategies.
  • Differentiated brand presence: Deliver unique gifting strategies that showcase commitment to customer satisfaction.

Businesses ready to elevate their demand strategy with the power of personalized corporate gifting are encouraged to contact INFUSE and Reachdesk. For more information, visit


INFUSE helps clients and partners craft and optimize demand programs that deliver the audience, buyers, and account engagement that meets their goals. Since 2012, the company has fostered thousands of business relationships by strategically promoting content through social, targeted display, mobile, and direct outreach campaigns, leveraging its own proprietary AI technology and first-party data.

About Reachdesk

Reachdesk, a global leader in personalized corporate gifting, offers a wide range of high-quality, customizable gifts designed to enhance client relationships and drive business success. Reachdesk’s platform enables businesses to create meaningful connections with their customers through thoughtful, targeted gifting strategies.


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