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Even when B2B marketers embrace and employ content marketing in full power, it’s not easy to cut through the clutter and effectively reach customers. There are simply way too many brands out there, fighting for attention.

While this overload of information is significant, it provides an opportunity for B2B companies to make a real change. They can finally break long-standing wrongful concepts about how their marketing efforts should look.

Instead of sticking to old traditions where B2B marketing messages remain stiff, marketers are turning to more innovative ways to communicate their brand. The focus is back where it belongs: on people, since B2B decision makers are, after all, driven by the same emotions, fears, and motivations as everyone else. This doesn’t mean that marketing is not appealing to the rational part of people’s brains—it has just added an emotional dimension to it.

Powerful brands place engaging stories at the heart of their marketing. Storytelling makes B2B marketing human and easily relatable.

With the gradual change happening in B2B marketing, companies are also embracing the effective methods of storytelling that are already widely used in B2C. This allows them to reach out to people and create meaningful and lasting connections. Good stories capture attention and nurture relationships with the B2B brands in ways that other marketing methods cannot.

If you are persuaded to give storytelling a go, it’s important to know the crucial tips that will guide your efforts. Here are the top storytelling know-how’s to glean inspirational muse.

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