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    Why partner campaigns are failing and need to change

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    Data insights on partner performance from an expert survey

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    5 strategies for engaging and supporting partners with campaigns suited to their needs

Here are some industry statistics for you:

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    Channel Marketing has a significant budget; with 5% of partner revenue usually given back as MDF (Channel Marketer Report 2020)

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    23% of channel salespeople are compensated on MDF use as well as closed revenue (Forrester 2022)

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    64% of vendors allocate more than 50% of their total marketing budget to partner marketing

Why are partner campaigns failing?

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    How many of your partners are actively marketing?

    • 67% of vendors answered less than half.
    • 10% of vendors reported that they were unaware of their partners’ marketing efforts.
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    Do you have good content and assets?

    • Nearly 80% admitted their partner content and assets were poor and required optimization.
    • In addition, more than 80% said partners did not utilize the campaigns created and shared with them.
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    Do you provide marketing funds to your partners?

    • 80% of vendors provide marketing funds to partners.
    • However, vendors also reported that less than 40% of funds are actually used by partners.

Why are most partners not running vendor campaigns?

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    High demands on partners

    • The effort required to submit proposals to secure funding, the strict guidelines imposed by vendors, and the requirement to report proof of performance is too onerous for most small to mid-sized partners.  This combined with low levels of funding contributes to poor incentivization for partners to sign on to do the necessary work, leading to MDF budgets remaining unspent.
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    White-label campaigns are not effective

    • While standard campaigns are efficient to produce for vendors, partners require individual focus and support to deliver results—there is no one-size-fits-all approach. While few partners will run these types of campaigns, many look to sell solutions that are made up of multiple vendor products.

5 strategies to engage and support channel partners

Only create custom campaigns for those who will use them

“What matters most is that your solution is top of mind at that partner, and they are promoting you.”

Gamify campaign kits

Run secret shopper campaigns

Empower partners with the resources they need

Supply your partners with leads

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