Alexander Kesler
Founder and CEO

How do you spot native advertising?

Consumers have grown accustomed to ignoring pushy display ads when they’re browsing online. However, while traditional methods are losing ground in the advertising space, native advertising has begun to find its way in. This “rebirth” in advertising online holds great potential for B2B companies that want to gain momentum with their audiences. So what does it entail?

Native advertising consists of branded messages placed so well that people see them as part of the regular content they are consuming. Instead of disrupting the viewer’s experience on a platform, native ad placements blend into—and can even enhance—the platform’s organic content. Native ads still effectively communicate a brand’s message, but they are delivered in a strategic and powerful way. Therefore, this tactic is particularly useful for B2B businesses.

In the B2B sphere, purchasing decisions are rarely made spontaneously. Potential customers usually go through a long buying cycle. By presenting them with native ads in the right spot, at the right time, you’ll gain the familiarity and trustworthiness that you need to close the deal.

Research shows that over half of consumers look at native ads more frequently than display ads and generate more purchase intent. It’s no wonder, then, that native advertising is becoming increasingly popular in the B2B space.

But while native advertising can benefit your B2B company’s branding and sales success, it should be executed with care. Here are 10 tips to consider as you develop your native advertising plan of action.

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