When marketers purchase leads that feature unqualified or inaccurate data, the effect on business is greater than wasted CPL. The direct and indirect costs have a rolling impact that drains resources and value across an organization.

INFUSE has determined that the cost of bad data can add up to $1,000 per lead. This includes the cost of processing and reaching out to leads as well as the additional costs of compliance and business risk imposed by GDPR and other regulatory requirements.

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To help B2B marketing and sales teams avoid the challenges of bad data, INFUSE has announced the launch of the Lead Quality Grader––an industry-first that is offered free of charge to qualified B2B companies worldwide. The Lead Quality Grader enables marketing and sales teams to analyze the quality and viability of lead data before investing in the process of nurturing them.

Learn more about how to evaluate lead quality by exploring the Lead Quality Grader or by checking out our recent webinar on the Real Cost of Bad Leads with INFUSE CEO Alexander Kesler.

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