For B2B sales and marketing teams, competitive analysis is a foundational process that reinforces and clarifies business cases or campaign roadmaps by identifying gaps and potential differentiators.

A competitive analysis has become essential to developing and identifying a winning strategy for growth and success—essential when, on average, a business can have 25 direct competitors.

In the traditional sense, this would equate to an analysis of competitors, their products, and their messaging. But does that serve the purpose of identifying competitive gaps, or the ultimate goal of winning market share through displacement?

Effective competitive displacement and competitive analysis need to be customer-centric above all else. “Monitoring competitors should not be as important as monitoring your competitors’ clients.”

To displace competitors and gain market share, success lies in understanding how well your competitors are meeting the needs of your market. If you’re monitoring the competitors’ clients, you can be the change agent that can provide real and valuable solutions.

In this whitepaper, we’ll walk through ways you can identify the true challenges of your audience by taking a customer-centric view of your competitors’ business. We’ll also show you some of the steps you can take to build campaigns that win over your competitors’ clients.

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