As a leading data integration and business analytics enterprise, INFUSE’s client offers an embeddable, open source-based platform that helps organizations garner the empowering value of big data and IoT. With over 15,000 product deployments and 1,500 commercial customers, the innovative brand enables clients from various industries to operate more efficiently through its revolutionary data integration and analytics offerings.


Operating in the competitive data and analytics field, INFUSE’s client needed to focus its marketing and demand generation efforts on engaging and converting high-revenue accounts that would yield impressive returns.


As its services are attractive to many professionals and corporations worldwide, the brand sought
to develop an integrated and segmented approach that would effectively target potential customers based on their stage in the buyer’s journey. Given its wide range of target audiences and fiercely competitive industry, the client turned to INFUSE to drive engagement among North American and EMEA accounts and enhance its sales funnel through advanced demand generation initiatives.

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