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A starting point: generating leads in a digital world 

Lead generation is the backbone of any successful marketing strategy. It’s essential. And B2B marketers know that inbound marketing builds businesses, and generates three times more leads per dollar spent than traditional methods (DemandMetric, 2019).

Yet, despite its obvious impact, 61% of marketers said generating traffic and leads is their top challenge. Plus, the current economic uncertainty may feel like a stumbling block, as fewer companies seem willing to seriously invest in marketing. 

A 2020 marketing report by the Influencer Marketing Hub revealed that only 25% of companies in the United States will increase their spend for marketing endeavors in general. And a minority — just 41% — of the American businesses surveyed were willing to increase their ad spend. 

Probably, your leads are more risk-averse than usual at present. But while many marketing budgets may face cuts, the digital landscape continues to grow. 

We live in a world when the average person touches his or her smartphone more than 2,000 times. Every single day. And, according to GlobalWebIndex, a market research company, this habit isn’t going away. They report that, in 2020 so far, there has been a 21% leap in social media usage. 

The takeaway? Now is an opportune time to address lead generation in the digital realm.

This whitepaper will provide marketing professionals with the best and most up-to-date lead generation practices to enhance conversion rate, improve campaign performance and boost the ROI of demand generation programs. 

It will serve as a guide for all those navigating the murky waters of B2B lead generation in today’s current climate —  covering everything you should know to build long-lasting relationships with buyers, from best practices to lead scoring.

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