What Are Great Channel Marketing Strategies?


What is channel marketing?

Channel marketing refers to the planning and development of strategies across each individual point of contact with prospective and existing clients. The channels chosen should vary depending on changing trends, the needs of prospects, and occasionally highly targeted campaigns. Strategies can be made up of a mix of digital or in-person marketing channels, as necessary for the goals of each campaign.

In some cases, channel marketing also refers to a partnership between a B2B company and a third-party reseller of their products. However, in this article, we are referring to the initial definition which covers the modern marketing options, or 'channels', that brands use to communicate directly with prospects (such as email, social media, events, etc.).

Why implement a channel marketing strategy?

Choose the right channel marketing strategy

The first step in establishing a scheme for your marketing channels is to determine which type of strategy works best for your company and its target market.

Digital vs. In-person channels

Digital Channels

In-person Channels

Content marketing (publishing
on a proprietary or third-party website)

Events/ Conferences

Email Marketing


Paid media (PPC)

Live demos

Programmatic display (Retargeting)


Social media


Set guidelines

Plan content

Implement a content marketing strategy

Optimise for lead generation

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    Create a variety of content: Each channel in your strategy appeals to different target market segments. Be sure to craft content that matches the capabilities of each channel and the preferences of its specific audience.

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    Repurpose content for different channels: Make the most out of your content’s potential by repurposing existing content into new formats that suit your audiences. Long-form content such as whitepapers, case studies, and eBooks can be edited into smaller, bite-sized formats.

    Depending on the channel, this could include infographics, articles, or short videos. Not only is this budget-friendly but it also takes relatively little time and boosts your channel marketing by taking advantage of your content’s versatility.

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    Increase personalization: The more personalized your content, the more successful it will be. As prospects come to expect higher levels of personalization, adding specificity to your content is a great way to encourage engagement.

Boost your channel marketing
with partnerships

Read our article, B2B Content Syndication: Popular Tactics and Metrics for Success, to learn more about co-marketing content distribution strategies.

Finding the right partner can be an arduous process. Fast-track your search by reading our article, Content Syndication: Finding the Best Networks and Strategy for You and Your Company.

Create data-driven campaigns

Conduct competitor analysis

A/B testing

Optimise your channel
marketing strategy

Keep your website updated and optimised

Aligning teams is crucial for ensuring consistent results. For more detail on the benefits of alignment and how to get started, read our full article: 10 Best Practices for Sales and Marketing Alignment.


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