Women leaders of INFUSE understand that success stems from the joint efforts of a team who share the same goals. Whether the gesture is big or small, individuals who aspire to make their vision a reality cannot do it without help. No matter the company or industry, people need people to prosper.


We asked INFUSE’s female leaders to reflect on their experiences and provide advice to the next generation.


Q1. What advice would you give your daughter?

“Do what makes you happy…”

“To have a successful career, you must do what you really love, what makes you happy, and never stop learning. Even if you are an expert, read another book. Believe in the people surrounding you, in your family, and yourself.”

Olga Shyshkina

Head of HR


Q2. What advice would give women starting their careers? 

“Always ask for help when you need it…”

“Take time to discover yourself. It is okay to change your vision and set new goals. Keep searching for the right career path. Find what will make you happy and fulfilled. Speak your mind and be honest with yourself. 

It is also critical that you have a work/life balance. Even if you want to go 1,000 miles an hour in your work, you must also take care of personal needs. 

Become okay with not always having the answers, but don’t clam up, always ask for help when you need it. 

Lastly, believe in yourself for that’s where all the magic happens.”

Daphne Valentino

Marketing Operations and Sales Enablement Manager 


Q3. What are your core leadership values? 

“They are what made me who I am today…”

“Passion, honesty, dedication, and hard work are my values, and they are what made me who I am today. When I started my career, I had a very clear picture of what I wanted my future to look like, so I pursued it. Even though I was not sure how everything would turn out, I am pleased with the outcome!”

Larysa Zakirova

Executive Director, Client Success


Q4. How can we prepare the next generation of female leaders? 

“Diversity in leadership is crucial for innovation…”

“With less than a quarter of women holding executive positions, we still have a significant amount of work to do. Not having women leaders is not beneficial for women’s careers, or businesses, nor is it right. Studies report a direct correlation between a company’s financial performance and the number of women leaders. Diversity in leadership is crucial for innovation.

Diversity and inclusivity should not be a tick box mentality; genuine and measurable change is achieved through an environment that can continuously adapt for the better. Women are ready and waiting for change.”

Bronte Nicoll

EMEA Client Success Manager


Q5. What advice would give women starting their careers?

“Adapt to the situation, but also use it to your advantage.” 

“New opportunities can be scary, but take them anyway. Accepting change is how you will grow in your career. Also, be flexible. Not only adapt to the situation but also use it to your advantage.  

Always ask questions and expand your knowledge. The more information you gain, the higher your confidence will be in the work you produce.”

Alya Moskalenko

QC Team Lead


Q6. What advice would you give your daughter? 

“Be genuine…”

“Be Authentic. Too many have a predetermined idea that we have to be someone we are not to lead as a woman. Stay true to who you are.

Be Confident. In both your strengths and weaknesses, be genuine about them. The credibility allows you to be a real leader, and for your leadership style to grow.” 

April Weber

Director of New Product Sales


Q7. What advice would give women starting their careers?

“Understand your worth…”

“I did not take the traditional career approach, nor did I set any early-stage goals. Instead, I chose to do it my way. I have learned many lessons from my experience, it has been a great teacher.

It is okay to try different things as long as you work hard and with integrity. Trust yourself and your decision-making. Be patient, as it may take time to identify what you’re good at and enjoy doing.

Do not fear taking risks. If you no longer feel excited about your career, don’t be afraid to take a leap, even if it’s a bit scary. Work hard and understand your worth. Be helpful, kind, loyal, and a joy to work with every day.”

Rachel Hill

International Senior Sales Executive


Q8. What is your perspective on female leadership?

“(We) need a culture that celebrates diversity…”

“I always felt safe with women in leadership. Raised by a single woman, it was her stories that help build my confidence. My mother is a Cuban-American immigrant who created her unorthodox storyline personally, professionally, and religiously, yet successfully.

Many companies are hungry to build a well-rounded brand but not all are inclusive. It is the workplace’s responsibility to develop a culture that celebrates diversity and appreciates the passion women bring to the table. 

Women also have the responsibility to share their story. To make their experiences infectious within the company and pave the way for new female talent. 

Marcia Steffen

Senior Account Executive


Q9.  Is there more or less opportunity for women in our industry? Why or why not?

“There is more opportunity for women in the marketing industry…”

“More opportunity exists for women in the marketing industry, compared to many other industries. At INFUSE, our client service department, sales, and creative teams have almost an equal amount of men and women working in them. Each having the ability to reach an equal level of success.”

Anna Komleva

Project Manager


Q10. What advice would give women starting their careers?

“Exceed your own expectations…”

“Your biggest motivator should be to exceed your own expectations (not someone else’s). If your hard work is not appreciated, or efforts go unnoticed, switch companies. Women can endure so much more than we think we can! Find the perfect company for you and your needs. Work where you feel truly valued and are challenged to grow.”

Daria Bezkorovaina

Service Delivery Manager


Q11. What tips would you give young female leaders?

“Ensure female voices are heard…”

“Most young women leaders face resistance. Resistance in every walk of life, including the workplace. Women must fight for their right to earn a seat at a male-dominated leadership table. When they get there, we must offer them strength and assurance. They need to know that their voices and ideas matter. Most of all, we all need to embrace that women belong at that table.

Women are often too critical of themselves and scared to make valuable contributions in the face of adversity. They are afraid of their own voice—the voice that got them to the table in the first place. 

When asked for advice, I give these tips to young female leaders:

  • Be strong and unapologetic when holding eye contact.
  • Lower your voice to a tenor range. 
  • Avoid slouching—you’ve paved your way and deserve to be seen.
  • Slow down your speech—naturally, force the audience to listen more intently.
  • Prioritize quality over quantity—what you say is much more important than how often you speak. Make every word count.

Senior women leaders need to lead by example. Start calling attention to the input of young women to ensure their voices are heard. Show them that their perspectives matter.”

Victoria Albert

VP Marketing


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