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Trade shows offer an irreplaceable opportunity to promote your brand and connect with your target audience. They allow you to deliver strong and compelling messages through face-to-face interactions with your customers and generate plenty of new business growth. 

Most exhibition attendees are involved in the process of purchase decision-making, so failing to promote an organization’s event attendance effectively can equate to a colossal missed opportunity. 

Although the value of trade shows is indisputable, most marketers still find it challenging to use them in a way that delivers proven ROI. To take advantage of events, your organization needs to do more than just exhibit. 

If you want to maximize your trade show presence and investment, you must start your event management and marketing efforts long before the event itself. In order to increase your booth traffic, you must promote your attendance through various means and channels, and continuously amplify your messages to attendees. During the event, it’s a good idea to create meaningful engagement opportunities or so-called experiential marketing initiatives that leave a lasting impression on visitors—in and out of the booth. 

To help you succeed with event marketing, we’ve identified six important tactics you should consider implementing before exhibiting at your next industry event. Applying these will help you maximize the benefits you derive from participating in trade shows.

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