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INFUSE utilizes a combination of strategy development methods, tools and techniques derived from differing sources to provide a tailored solution for each client engagement. The broad field of Futures Studies along with more focused methods such as Value Discipline, Balanced Scorecard, Business Process Re-engineering and Blue Ocean are but a few of the many methods that we study in-depth and draw upon when appropriate.

Based upon more than twenty years of practical experience in designing and facilitating many clients through strategy development and planning processes, we have found the best results demand an approach that is tailored to the unique needs of each organization. There is no one solution that universally works across organizations, and frequently the strategy development process within a single organization must evolve year over year to remain useful and productive.

Futures Studies is one of the least understood knowledge domains and typically raises the most questions from our clients. It is frequently (and mistakenly) associated with prediction or prophecy – which it is not. Because of its breadth, Futures is notoriously difficult to explain succinctly – even for practiced professional futurists.

For those who wish to delve more deeply into the discipline of Futures Studies we provide this link or feel free to Contact Us.